Facts about working as a delivery agent

1 The products

In addition to the daily newspaper, many other products are distributed by the delivery staff. These include letters and other addressed items, weekly papers and brochures.

2 Working hours

Whether full-time, part-time or mini-job – the employment opportunities are flexible. The working hours depend on the distribution product and the type of employment. Both day and night work is possible. You tell us your ideas, and we try to find a job that meets these wishes. Individual flexibility of work is often possible in the delivery department. Daily newspapers are distributed from Monday to Saturday in the early morning hours (until 6 am). Letter mail is delivered on five weekday mornings. Free weeklies/brochures are usually distributed once or twice a week during the day. If employed full time, all products are often distributed.

3 Salary

Punctual salary payments are a matter of course. As a matter of principle, it is particularly important to us to determine the correct working hours, which is carefully done at the end of the month. The number of hours and thus the earning potential depend on various factors, such as the type of employment, the number/weight of the respective product or district-specific conditions.

4 Equipment

We don’t leave you out in the rain. Our work clothes protect you from wind and weather. In addition, we make your work easier with numerous tools such as trolleys, bicycles, torches and so on. We also frequently provide company vehicles for our increasing number of full-time delivery staff.

5 The ZIP

Our exclusive delivery information portal (ZIP) includes a view of your delivery books as well as an overview of change notifications. You can easily view your digital area map online and also view and download your working hours and statements. Important information about your current route can also be accessed live here.

6 Delivery routes

When assigning delivery routes, we try to make sure that you are assigned near your place of residence. This way you don’t have to travel far to work and can save a lot of time. In many areas, we have closed depots as the starting point of the delivery routes, where the distribution products are prepared for sorting and collection, but where a chat with nice colleagues and a warm coffee are also waiting for you early in the morning.

7 The contact persons

Each delivery area has a personnel dispatcher who is available to the delivery staff for help and advice. Competent contact persons are also available at night. If you have any questions or problems, we will be happy to help you. If you have any questions or problems, we will be happy to help you. For example, if you want to increase or change your working hours, you can always contact the personnel planner. Together, we will look for solutions that all sides agree with and that also guarantee a proper delivery service for both the client and the recipient. Good communication is just as important to us as our claim that we do not leave our employees alone with their questions and delivery problems.

8 Your application

Applying to us is quick and uncomplicated. A detailed CV or a covering letter are not absolutely necessary. Just call us or answer a short questionnaire. We will get back to you within 48 hours at the latest and clarify everything else in a personal conversation.

9. The Language

The German language is a fundamental prerequisite for the job of a delivery worker. Simply because you communicate with colleagues every day. To ensure a smooth exchange and to transmit information correctly, a solid knowledge of German is essential. You should be able to understand written and verbal instructions and addresses.


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